For my graduate thesis consisting of three video works, Tomb of the Known, Assume the Watch, and Saturn Devoured, it is my desire to raise awareness about something many veterans are diagnosed with, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. 

In my second performance video piece entitled Assume the Watch, I recreate the environment of “Officer of the Deck”, a person who is entrusted with the welfare of every command.  The OOD writes in an official “Logbook”, all happenings aboard the ship, no matter how great or small.  In my adaptation of this process, I have decided to take over the responsibility of recording every female Iraqi civilian casualty in order to give visibility to the invisible, examine my role in their suffering, and understand the context of their deaths.   Women are murdered because they assume roles outside of tradition.

Assume the Watch is influenced by the philosophy of Simone Weil, particularly her writings “Gravity and Grace” and "The Iliad and The Poem of Might".  The effects of Force on human bodies have been represented in countless ways artistically.  In my work, however, I hope that a female soldier’s perspective provides alternative insight to suffering and understanding nothingness/lack, couched in a narrative of death.
Elements of Assume The Watch include (so far) five hours of videotape.  In a soundproof room, I hand write the names of every female Iraqi casualty noted on the Iraq Body Count website.  I have a contact microphone hidden in my hand.  That microphone is held against the pencil.  A loud “scratch-scratch” noise of pencil on paper can be heard for hours.
 I write in a proscribed military manner, block capital letters, however I break several rules.  I write in pencil, so that when combat operations are over, I might erase or rework the logbook.  I leave out devices of punctuation…time.   This is an investigation of madness using books that determine the fate of man, in this case, an official military document.  I want to subvert language itself.  Assume the Watch is an endurance piece; it will end when “combat operations” are over.